Friday, 6 December 2013

December 6th 2013

This picture was taken at about 8.30pm tonight and taken as it epitomises my life at the moment. Commuting between Somerset, Bristol and Wiltshire during the week, I spend a lot of time behind the wheel of my car. Now we are in mid December it's pretty much dark all the time, as I leave the house at 7am and it's reasonably dark by 4pm when I begin the reverse journey. I used to like driving in the dark but now my eyes are not what they were and it not as enjoyable as it once was (or I need to buy new glasses). But I still find night driving very therapeutic, it allows me to do a lot of thinking.
Tonight I left Bristol at 6pm and got to Marlborough at 7.30pm only to find the road I needed to use to get home was closed for roadworks, This then involved a detour via Hungerford and about another 12 miles onto the journey. Rural living is not always easy. Most of the lanes around us are single track and lined by trees so as I drove between Wilton and East Grafton at journeys end I stopped the car and had a go at taking the view I know so well this time of the year, headlights illuminating a lane and the overhanging trees. I may give it another go soon as the trees don't show up well.
As an aside to this, the detour route used Hungerford High Street. As I drove into the road there was a HGV lorry parked up alongside the railway bridge which overtops the road. He was not going to get under there, no sireee. As he was in effect stuck, traffic chaos was mounting and it would need the police to resolve it, as he had nowhere to go as an alternative route. But here is the question. The road closed in Marlborough is used by HGV's coming up from Salisbury and the A303. Divert them yes, but maybe check the route for obstacles such as low bridges before diverting? Maybe that's too simple. 

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