Monday, 19 May 2014

May 19th 2014

I have to be honest here that this is a time travelling rose. The image for this was attempted tonight but it was too dark and wet to get a decent photograph after I got in from work. Therefore the image was taken on the 20th of May and I delayed the posting. Why? Well this is my little slice of Northumberland in Somerset, the Alnwick Rose. This rose was developed by David Austen roses back in the 1990's when the newly formed Alnwick Garden was being developed, a rose which was launched into the public arena in 2001 at the Chelsea Flower Show. I love this rose, the only one I have in the garden, for two reasons. Firstly it reminds me of Northumberland for obvious reasons and secondly it reminds me of childhood. In the garden of the house I grew up in there was a bourbon rose of such delicate scent it filled the garden with sweet perfume every summer. The Alnwick Rose while not quite as scented is a wonderful mix of rose perfume and raspberries. Just lovely on a summers evening after walking past and inhaling that delicate aroma.

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